Experiential Learning

Practical experience that’s practically unmatched.

We believe experiencing is foundational to learning. So you’ll be applying what you learn right away—in class and out.

green screen on wall, tv cameras and cameramen, 2 males and 1 female talking on stage

This is not a test.

The time you spend learning on campus is foundational. But we’re big believers in the idea that the lessons that make the biggest impact come from real-world experience. You’ll get those opportunities from your earliest days here, as you conduct research, hold internships, and get involved in Indianapolis, your new city. It may mean working about as hard as you ever have. But when it’s for something you love, well, it won’t feel much like work at all.

skyline of a city with office buildings and sky scrapers on a sunny day

Big city, bigger classroom

Indianapolis is the 14th-largest city in the United States. When you plant your flag here, you’ll do it alongside major healthcare organizations and tech firms, fast-growing startups, and lots of other companies, big and small. When we forge partnerships with those businesses, you’ll get a lot from the relationship. But it’s a two-way street: Butler know-how has fueled Indianapolis’ growth for generations. We’re an integral part of the city. And enthusiastic, ready-to-go people like you are part of the reason why Indianapolis is regularly ranked among the best places for young professionals to live and work.

The Butler Experience

At Butler, students benefit from a set of unique experiences designed to set them up for a successful career and a meaningful life after graduation.